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Full Towing Service

With our fast, friendly service, we can get your vehicle where & when you need it. Our Recovery Specialists can help you if you have been in an accident or end up in the ditch. We offer a full range of towing services in the Moncton and surrounding area

Flat Bed Services

Our 21 ft. International Flatbed Tow Truck can be used for any tow up to 14,000 lbs. From motorcyles, to antique cars, all-wheel/4-wheel drives, small farm & construction equipment, rail cars, and so much more.

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We would be happy to help with all your towing needs. Located in Notre Dame, New Brunswick and servicing south NB. Contact Us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you unsure of what you need to do if you get into an accident? We have put together a list of questions and answers to help you.


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Our Service Area

We provide both local (Notre Dame, Moncton & area) & long distance towing services throughout New Brunswick (& sometimes further).


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About RJB Towing

RJB Towing is a small, family owned and operated towing business… but that doesn’t mean we can’t handle all those big jobs that you may have.

Located in Notre Dame, New Brunswick, we pride ourselves on being able to tow almost any kind of vehicle… we’ve towed everything from the smallest cars to 4×4 sport utility vehicles to large cube vans… even other tow trucks! With over 25 years of experience, we can safely move your vehicle to wherever you want it to go.

Whether you have been involved in an accident; want to scrap your old clunker; need your vehicle moved to an automotive shop; or want to move your prize sports car… we’d be happy to help you.

What about if you need something larger moved? No problem! Our Flatbed service can move everything from a 1-ton truck to a 10,000 pound metal container. Visit our Gallery to see pictures of some of the tows we have done with all of our vehicles.

We can even help you get a car rental or find an automotive shop to work on your repairs.

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